Residental Painting Services for Aluminum Siding Throughout Central PA

Aluminum siding has been protecting homes from the elements since the 1930s. This type of siding tends to be found on older houses, so you may be looking for a way to update and refresh your home’s exterior. Don’t throw your old aluminum siding away. Instead, let the experts at Specialty Coatings Painting beautify your aluminum siding to give your home the perfect curb appeal.

Our professional painting contractors can provide a variety of services for aluminum siding, including high-quality power washing and expert painting. From Harrisburg to Carlisle and throughout Central PA, you can put our painting business to work to give your aluminum siding new life.


Specialized Cleaning for Aluminum Siding

While aluminum siding is a lightweight yet durable option, it tends to oxidize rather easily. This issue causes paint colors to fade and become chalky from sunlight exposure, giving the siding a worn-out, dated appearance. Our professional painting contractors can fix your aluminum siding and make it look as good as new.

It all starts with a good power wash. We utilize a specialized solution that removes chalking. While this pressurized wash will thoroughly clean your aluminum siding, we’ll make sure it doesn’t cause any damage to your home.


Professional Aluminum Siding Painting Services

Once your aluminum siding is properly power washed, it can be painted any color you wish. Enhance the exterior of your home using your existing paint color, or change it up with an exciting new hue. Our professional painters use airless sprayers or brush to ensure a smooth and even finish. Our techniques and equipment ensure flawless aluminum painting results, and we can even paint your shutters to make them coordinate with your new house color.


Why Hire a Professional to Paint Your Aluminum Siding?

Painting aluminum siding alone is extremely difficult, and a few missteps may cause undesirable results. Our years of experience, on the other hand, ensure a picture-perfect outcome. Here are a few reasons professional painting services are the right choice for your aluminum siding:

  • Get the right type of paint: We’ll use specialty exterior paint to finish your aluminum siding. The wrong paint may result in poor adhesion, warping, flaking and other issues.
  • Choose the right color: Along with our precise application, we can help you find a color that suits your home and avoids warping caused by heat absorption.
  • Proper preparation: A thorough power wash before paint is applied is critical to avoiding the issues caused by chalking. If you attempt to paint over chalky surfaces, paint can peel, bubble or fail within weeks. Proper preparation ensures a fresh, clean surface, making for a flawless end result.
  • Lack of equipment: Even if you’re a proud do-it-yourselfer, you may not have the ladders or correct sprayers needed to get your aluminum siding looking the way you want. Our team comes equipped with everything required for a professional finished product.


Trust Our Professional Painting Company With Your Aluminum Siding Needs

For nearly 20 years, Specialty Coatings Painting has been providing premier painting services in Harrisburg, York, Camp Hill and throughout Central PA. Our solid reputation is built on professionalism, quality standards and results our customers love. If you need to freshen up the look of your aluminum siding, contact us to request your free quote.