Painting Services for Assisted Living Facilities in Central PA

Assisted living is more than just a facility — it’s a community and a home. For that reason, an assisted living community should look great both inside and out. When you need painting services for your assisted living facility in central PA, call on the team you’ll find at Specialty Coatings Painting.

We’re commercial, industrial and residential painters, and we specialize in painting services for senior housing near Harrisburg and communities throughout central PA. We take on jobs large and small, always working as quickly and efficiently as possible while meeting the highest quality standards. We understand a senior living community is home to many, and we operate during the hours needed to respect that home setting and minimize disruption to residents.

When you want the best in painting contractors for senior housing near Harrisburg, get the best when you choose Specialty Coatings Painting.


Interior Commercial Painting Services for Assisted Living Facility

As mentioned, we see assisted living and senior living communities as homes rather than facilities. And we believe every home deserves a quality paint job in its interior. We’re seasoned and experienced in painting inside assisted living facilities. We do outstanding work, delivering the results you expect, all while operating with a focus on customer service — respecting your environment and the people who live and work there.


Exterior Commercial Painting Services for Assisted Living Facility

We can also take on exterior commercial painting for your assisted living facility near York. We’re highly experienced painting the exteriors of large buildings, including businesses, schools, hospitals, healthcare clinics and others. When you need painting contractors for assisted living facilities in central PA, we can handle your facility’s exterior just as well as we can handle its interior.


Why Choose Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors for Your Assisted Living Facility?

Your experience with Specialty Coatings Paintings starts with service. We’re always focused on delivering the best possible customer service, both to you and the residents who call your assisted living facility “home.” And we’re also focused on results — doing the best possible work at the best possible price and as quickly as possible.

Our team is creative, communicative throughout the project and competitively priced — which you’ll notice as you research commercial painting for senior housing near York and throughout central PA. While you may find other contractors who say they can do the job, you won’t find a better team that specializes in senior housing than the team at Specialty Coatings Painting.

Contact us today about painting services for your assisted living facility in central PA. We have plenty of experience painting retirement homes in Carlisle, Harrisburg, Hershey, York, Mechanicsburg, & Camphill PA.