How to Choose the Right Color for Your Hospital

The appearance of healthcare facilities such as hospitals matters. Patients come into these spaces with many emotions, which means soothing colors can help them feel more welcome. Choosing the right paint color for your health clinic can also help project a professional image, which is important in today’s competitive healthcare space. You can even choose a paint color for your hospital to help with branding.

The right paint colors can make your space look polished and clean. Some colors have even been associated with calm and even with a positive effect on the mind, which is important for patients living with an illness.


What Color to Paint Your Hospital Interior

The best colors to paint your healthcare facility can include:

  • Blues: Blue colors are soothing. According to some studies, blue shades can even help lower blood pressure.
  • Reds: Red is an energizing color that may be a good idea for physical therapy rooms or art therapy rooms.
  • Greens: Colors associated with the natural world, like green and brown shades, are calming and may lower heart rates.
  • White: Many hospitals have traditionally had white walls because white shows cleanliness. It can also make an area look spacious and airy.


Deciding What Color to Paint the Walls of a Hospital

  • The patients: Elderly patients may need deep colors to ensure good visibility. It can also be important to use contrasting colors to help direct them to the washroom and other vital areas. Patients living with conditions such as autism may benefit from soothing, neutral shades. Child patients may like bright primary colors such as vivid blue.
  • Room use: Operating rooms are often blue or green to help surgeons and staff feel comfortable and to ensure the eyes of doctors and surgeons get a rest during long procedures. Break rooms can be dark blue or green to help nurses and staff relax. Patient rooms can be a combination of neutral colors and soft greens and blues to promote a relaxing and healing experience.
  • Your brand: The colors of your logo or brand can be incorporated throughout the hospital to help create a cohesive experience and to reinforce your marketing message.

Keep in mind, too, that you don’t have to choose one palette. Many facilities use different colors for different rooms and areas or combine colors.


How to Paint Your Hospital

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