Floor Epoxy Coatings Services in Central PA

Tired of looking and stepping on a concrete floor? Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc. specializes in floor epoxy coatings for a variety of customers from retail to industrial to non-profit. The right floor epoxy coating can help you save money, reduce your cleaning effort and even make long-term maintenance easier. We can apply the correct epoxy coatings for your floor within the area you need, such as Harrisburg, Hershey, Carlisle, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg and York, PA.


Choosing Your Coating System

When you need floor epoxy coatings services in Central PA, we can help you select the best coating for your floor. Our coating systems typically get applied over concrete substrates to give you a durable surface for your warehouse, showroom floor and more. Before deciding on a specific coating system, you need to figure out what benefits you want. Do you need a resistant coating in a warehouse where you handle food items? Do you need a slip-resistant surface in a plant where people are always moving about?

Our coating application process differs whether you need floor epoxy coatings for your garage or warehouse. Our floor coatings are great options for:

  • Garage floors
  • Service bay floors
  • Warehouse floors
  • Showroom floors
  • Food processing plant floors
  • Cafeteria floors
  • Pet store floors


Benefits of Floor Coating Services From Specialty Coatings Painting

Floor epoxy coating services provide numerous benefits. The coating gives your floors greater durability, even resisting road salt, gasoline, oil and other chemicals. It’s also easier to keep your floors clean with an epoxy coating from Speciality Coatings Painting. Our showroom floor epoxy coatings services can help keep your showroom floor wax-free and easy to clean with simple soap and water.

Other notable benefits include:

  • Custom design options: You get to pick the color and texture combination you want for your floor.
  • Ability to hide signs of age: Floor epoxy coatings services can keep your floor looking visually appealing and hide dirt, debris and age.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Choosing to use an epoxy coating service is typically more cost effective than installing a pre-engineered floor.
  • Renewable design: You never have to worry about your coating wearing out. The entire system can look as good as new in one day with a revitalization process.
  • Slip-resistant surface: The anti-slip materials in certain epoxy coatings make your floors slip-resistant.
  • Noise reduction capabilities: Some coatings have a flexible surface that reduces the sound of foot traffic and carts.


Floor Epoxy Coatings Contractors Central PA

When you need floor epoxy services in Hershey, Carlisle, Camp Hill, York, Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg, PA, we can help. Our team will help you decide which epoxy coating is best for you, then make sure you get a long life out of your floors with minimal maintenance and required cleaning. Contact us today as your cost-effective, floor epoxy coatings contractors in Central PA.