How to Choose the Best Color for Your Home Office

Choosing home workspace paint colors can affect your productivity, creativity and stress levels. Studies have shown that the colors we surround ourselves with can have an impact on our moods and our minds. The right paint color for your home workspace can also create an attractive and welcoming space where you look forward to working.

When you choose a paint color for your home office, consider who you are trying to please. If clients or customers may see your office on virtual calls or when they stop by, you’ll want to consider not only your own tastes but also how stylish your office may appear. You want to create a polished and sophisticated look.


What Color to Paint Your Home Office

Some of the best colors to paint a home office include:

  • Blues and greens: Blues and greens can be very calming. Rich forest greens and navy-grey blues can look sophisticated, especially when paired with brass or copper fixtures and white or grey trim. Pale blues and greens can create a calming effect.
  • Neutrals and whites:Neutrals and whites: Soft ecru and white shades are subtle enough to handle bold furniture and décor items. They can also create an uncluttered look that’s perfect for minimalists and anyone needing a distraction-free space to focus.
  • Greys: Cool greys with white trim and dark wood furnishings look sophisticated, while lilac greys can look warm and soft. Greys have a range of shades to complement the effect you’d like to create.
  • Yellow: If you have an office with no windows or a space where you often feel tired, yellow can be an energizing and sunny color. Yellow can also look modern and fresh when paired with white and dark green.
  • Pinks: A pink or coral shade can have a positive impact on creativity and it can be a calming color, which is important when deadlines approach. Pink is also very flattering for most skin tones, which is why pink lights are used in some high-end restaurants and hotels. If you anticipate many teleconferences, pink walls can make your skin appear brighter, too.


Combining Office Colors

When choosing colors for the walls of your office, keep in mind that you don’t have to pick one or two colors only. You can always paint a far wall in a contrasting color or create bold stripes or geometric patterns to enjoy the beauty of multiple colors.


Why Work With Professionals?

When you’ve chosen a color palette, why turn to professionals to get your office painted? There are a few reasons. With so many virtual teleconference options today, a professionally painted wall can look very different on a screen. Having a professional-looking office shows that you care about the details. Getting experts to paint your office also ensures a great final result and time saved.

If your office space in Central Pennsylvania needs fresh paint and a new look, contact Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc. to speak to our team about our professional-caliber services. We’ll help you create a tasteful home office you’ll be proud to show off! We’re also happy to offer a free estimate and evening painting services to allow you to keep working during the day.