Pipe Color Identification Coating in Central PA

When you work in or manage a business in the industrial industry, you may have exposed pipes on the ceiling, walls and in other areas of the building. Depending on the type of business you have, there may be a wide variety of materials running through those pipes.

If every pipe is painted the same color, it can cause serious issues. After a time, no one may know which pipe is which, or whether a pipe contains toxic fluid or water. Repainting all of the pipes in your business may seem like a big job, but let Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors make the job simple. After we’re done, you can enjoy all the benefits that come from color-coded pipes.

Why Color Code Your Pipes?

There are a number of benefits that come from working with pipe painting contractors in Harrisburg, PA, and beyond. When you color-code your pipes, you’ll have an easy guide to know exactly what’s running through each one. The color coding also helps you follow the pipe to see exactly where it goes instead of getting it mixed up with others when they cross each other.

Color coding pipes also follows certain laws and regulations. Even if you aren’t required by law to follow these standards, using the same OSHA-selected colors to label your pipes creates a streamlined look if you manage multiple facilities.

Overall, color coding pipes makes your workspace more organized. It creates a simple visual where your employees can understand the processes of your business much easier. When you and your employees understand the workings of your facility better, it can improve productivity and efficiency.


Which Colors to Use

Several bodies agree on a standard palette of colors to use for different pipes. OSHA, the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Testing and Materials all agree on the following color profile for color coding your pipes:

  • Fire Quenching Fluid: Red
  • Toxic or Corrosive: Orange
  • Flammable fluid: Yellow
  • Combustible Fluid: Brown
  • Water: Green
  • Air: Blue

These colors should cover any type of material you have running through your piping systems. When you need pipe coding painting services in Camp Hill, PA, pipe color identification painting services in Hershey, PA, or any other location in the Central PA area, make sure to come to Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors.


Choose Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors for Industrial Pipe Painting Services in Central PA

When you’re looking for trustworthy pipe painting companies in Carlisle, PA, and beyond, choose to work with our team. We are trained in the standards of ANSI/ASME and have painted all kinds of different pipes in industrial settings.

No matter what types of pipes you have in your building, we will apply the proper coating to help protect and identify every pipe in your building. We serve areas throughout Central PA, including Carlisle, York, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg and beyond.

To learn more about our pipe coding painting services or to schedule your service, please contact us today!