Best Colors to Paint Your Barnyard

Choosing the right color combination for your barn can create an attractive look that can raise your property value. A professional paint job offers your farm curb appeal and makes your property look like a professional operation. While cows and horses see color differently than we do and may not appreciate a great paint job, a fresh coat of the right paint can make your barn area welcoming and more pleasing to you and your customers.

If you have visitors, a freshly painted barn looks attractive and professional. In wintertime, a bright color can also make your farm structures easier to see even with snowdrifts and whiteout conditions. Some colors can even affect the energy efficiency of your building. Choosing the right colors can attract visitors or help you promote your business, too.


What Color to Paint Your Barn

Traditionally, barns have been painted red with white trim. This tradition goes back generations, to when farmers would mix their own paints. The most common pigments found on farms typically created a red look. Red was also practical because the dark exterior color could keep the interiors warmer during the winter months. Some newcomers to the country also considered red a sign of affluence because it could imitate the look of brick.

As you select a color to paint your barnyard, red is not the only option. White and pale colors, such as soft greys, almond, pale blue and other paler tones, are also popular. They look clean and can make a small barn look larger. White is also a popular choice for barnyard fencing, as it contrasts with soil and greenery. In the summer, white exterior paint can make the inside of your barn feel cooler, too, since the shade reflects the sun’s rays.

Some property owners choose green or brown as a color to paint their barn, in part because the colors blend into nature. Painting the bottom part of your building dark colors with a paler roof can create a sense of solidness. A contrasting trim around doors and windows can highlight attractive details of the barn.

If you’re looking for the best colors to paint your barnyard and you run a commercial operation, you may want to consider painting your barn with the colors of your logo or brand. If your barn is visible from the road, this can help promote your business.


Professional Painting Services for Your Barn or Business

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