Wood Siding Refinishing and Preservation in Central PA

If you want your home to have a more traditional appearance, consider wood siding, which is one of the oldest types of house siding available. While this material remains durable and renewable, sun, wind, rain and snow can impact the appearance of a home’s wood siding over time. These elements can even cause damage that jeopardizes the structural integrity of the home. Periodic refinishing and preservation services can add years of beauty to your home’s siding, ensuring that it stays properly maintained.

Wood siding refinishing and restoration should be tasks you trust to the professionals. At Specialty Coatings Painting, our highly skilled refinishing business ensures that homes from Harrisburg to Carlisle, PA, look like new in no time.


Our Wood Siding Refinishing and Preservation Process

OWhen it comes to refinishing wood siding, thorough work is key. That’s why we take the time to carefully inspect each home’s wood siding to see which services are needed. From cleaning to stripping to choosing the right sealer, we’ll work to restore your home’s wood siding to its natural beauty. Here are a few of the specialized wood siding services we provide:

  • Cleaning and stain removal: When it comes to cleaning wood siding, too much water is not always a good thing. One of our first priorities is to look for areas with mildew, dirt or staining, all of which can accumulate over time. We then utilize specialized cleaning techniques to make sure moisture doesn’t end up fostering mold growth or triggering wood rot.
  • Stripping of old, faded coatings: Old stains and paint can cause your wood siding to look run-down and neglected. We utilize non-toxic chemical strippers to strip away faded coatings and prep the wood siding for a fresh stain or paint.
  • Minor repairs: We’ll take the time to ensure that all your wood siding is up to snuff. If certain portions are damaged, we can provide minor repairs, including caulking, sealing and replacing rotted or broken siding.
  • Staining and painting: Wood siding needs to be sealed with either paint, stain or a sealer. When it’s left unprotected, normal weather conditions can cause the wood to expand, putting stress on doorways and window seams and, as a result, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture and rot. Our professional contractors understand the specialized techniques needed to stain or paint your wood siding. We’ll even apply a protective sealant afterward to preserve the wood’s appearance and integrity for years to come.


Transform Your Home With Our Professional Wood Siding Refinishing and Preservation Services

For nearly 20 years, our wood siding refinishing company has been providing superior services to homes in Mechanicsburg, York and the rest of Central PA. We boast a solid reputation based on excellent results, affordable prices and responsive customer service. Throughout your wood siding refinishing project, we’ll strive to work within your schedule and provide our services as quickly, professionally and neatly as possible.

Don’t let the wear and tear caused by the elements detract from the beauty of your Central PA home. If you’re in Carlisle, Harrisburg, State College, York, Mechanicsburg, Camphill, or anywhere in between, give the experts at Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc. a call for more information and a free estimate today.

If you’re ready to transform your home’s wood siding, contact the experts at Specialty Coatings Painting for your free quote.