Painting Services for Food Processing Plants in Central PA

Maintaining the pristine quality of your food processing plant is crucial for ensuring food and beverage standards as well as maintaining a safe, clean environment for your employees and visitors. With high production outputs and constant activity, your building and machinery can succumb to worn surfaces and corrosion that can negatively impact your product and operational standards, but with the application of specialty coatings and paint you can maintain safety protocols and maximize your daily production.

At Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc., we specialize in a wide selection of industrial painting services for food processing plants throughout central Pennsylvania. Our team has the knowledge and experience to recommend and apply USDA and FDA-approved products that meet your specific business regulations, exceed industry standards and fit your budget. Our painters are trained in Good Management Practices (GMP) that are required by food processing plants.

Since 1997, our team has provided high-quality, exceptional specialty food processing plant products and services for a variety of different facilities, including:

  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • High-heat consumable product manufacturing
  • Food packaging plants


Industrial Painting Services for Food Processing Plants in Central PA

Food and beverage processing plants require specialty coatings and maintained conditions for safe performance and output while ensuring durability to resist various forms of damage and ensure productive operations. Part of maintaining the quality of your facility is applying coating and paint applications according to specific industry regulations — at Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc., our team of trained professionals thoroughly understands federal and industry requirements and can expertly recommend and apply products that will protect your surfaces and equipment, improve daily output and keep your environment safe.

All our food processing plant coating and paint applications are of the highest quality and most durable products available, featuring abrasion resistance, food acid and chemical resistance, are low-maintenance, easy to clean, impact damage resistant, are FDA and USDA approved and tested to ensure long-term performance.

At Specialty Coatings Painting Contractors, Inc., we specialize in several food processing plant coating solutions, including:

  • Corrosion Control Ceiling Coatings: In high heat and moisture environments, food facility ceilings are often damaged by corrosion, like rust, and other elements. Our coating applications are designed to resist rust buildup and prevent chipping and other damages.
  • Resistant Floor Coatings: When handling food items, bacteria growth and other hazardous materials are ongoing concerns, but with one of our high-performance cementitious cement floor installations, you can easily prevent unwanted growths and resist excessive heat or chemical exposure. All our food processing plant flooring solutions are slip, impact, and damage-resistant, simple to maintain, and FDA-compliant.
  • Food-Safe Specialty Performance Coatings: Keeping your equipment and other surfaces clean and maintained with performance coatings is the best method to ensure exceptional products and working environments. Our specialty food safe paints and coatings are non-stick, feature quick-mold release and are naturally resistant to elements like steam and moisture, oils, grease, fats and extreme temperatures


Our Painting and Coating Process for Food Processing Plants

Part of guaranteeing long-lasting performance and protection for your food processing plant is by following a precise preparation plan and using only the best tools and equipment available to apply your coatings. During our paint and coating application projects, our team takes great care in your space to ensure quality control and the safety of your facility. To properly apply your coatings, we perform the following tasks:

  • Completely remove former paint and coating applications
  • Repair any damaged surfaces or flooring and thoroughly prepare the area
  • Apply flooring and epoxy coatings
  • Use anti-microbial and food-safe solutions to coat doorways, shelving, and equipment
  • Paint directional lines and safety symbols to walls and flooring

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For more than 20 years, Specialty Coatings Painting has been the most professional, reliable and knowledgeable food processing plant coating and paint application experts. We have painted Food Processing Plants all over the Central Pennsylvania region, in areas such as Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Campbell, Hershey, and York. When you trust our team for your food plant coating services, you’re guaranteed dependable and durable high-performance solutions that adhere to all industry food safety standards and will maximize your productivity.

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